The Best Upgrades for Home Value to Tackle Yourself – Do it Yourself Repair

The hot water tank is probably the least used appliances that you have in your home. If it is not maintained in a timely manner, the hot water tank could cause a significant and risky issue. What repairs to your hot water tank could be made to ensure your tank runs smoothly? Here are some tips for checking the status of the condition of your hot water tanks.
Switch off the power supply to the Tank.

If you’re using an electric or gas water heater, shut off the main switch, which determines the flow of electric power into the device. After that, check the thermostat to check that it’s set at 120°F (or any temperature you prefer). Take a look inside the tank and check for any signs of sediment accumulation. Make use of a soft brush or a sponge for scrubbing the bottom of the tank. You should also check for leaks within the tank.

The tank must be completely drained.

The drain valve should be opened to let the water flow into an empty bucket. The cover plate may have to be removed first. Next, you can use a sponge or rag that has been soaked in warm water to clean the inside exterior walls of the tank. Each year, the tank’s filter must be replaced. Also, it is beneficial to replace the filter each time the water is added to the tank.

Refresh Your Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets in the kitchen shouldn’t be ignored when it comes to house improvements that increase your property’s value. First thing to get rid of the cabinet hardware that is currently in your kitchen. Although this may seem difficult at first, once begin to take on the task, you’ll find that the procedure is painless and quick.

After you’ve removed all the hardware you can start installing your brand new kitchen cabinets. If you don’t have any new hardware, then you could purchase them on the internet. You’ll have a wide selection to consider before making your purchase. You can choose between knobs or pulls that are traditional in addition to modern pull-out drawers.


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