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Making the decision to attend college can become extremely difficult. High school seniors should learn ways to make this process less stressful and more manageable. There is a lot to learn, about how you can manage college applications , to tips and tips to make your letters stand out. This video provides a vital advice you should understand.

No matter whether you possess the top GPA or the top SAT score. It’s possible that you’ll have a hard time getting into at the institution of your choice. But what’s the issue? It’s usually in the form of the quality that you have written. The majority of students applying to these in-demand, competitive schools are based on the same standards. But what is it that makes you different? What is the Essay section of your application is vital, however there’s one aspect that won’t benefit your application in any way. An applicant who is hopeful shouldn’t mention mental health issues in the essays they submit.

This does not suggest that you are not able to attend college if you have medical issues include depression, anxiety or PTSD. This is just a fact that certain colleges, like such as Cornell as well as a few others, have written policies which prohibit admission to students who admit to having difficulties with mental health. If you’re struggling with your mental health it is not an isolated issue and shouldn’t be ashamed of it! For more information on the topic, view the video for a deeper insight.


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