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Section 8 landlords are landlords who agree to be part in Housing Choice Voucher program. Families that are eligible to participate in this program are given vouchers that they can utilize for rent. Participating landlords agree to take this voucher in exchange for offering affordable, safe and adequate housing to families that are in require. The program aids families in seeking stable housing, as well as landlords who provide vacant homes. Learn more about the program from the local authority for housing in case you’re looking to join the section 8.
Section 8 Tenant

Section 8 tenants are those who have been classified as being eligible for federal assistance through the Housing Choice Voucher program. This program is intended to help the disabled, the elderly, and those with low incomes afford decent accommodation. The voucher is a form of payment which pays a percentage of the rental cost for the family or an individual. The subsidy is paid directly to landlords, while tenants must pay the balance.

The conditions for eligibility

To qualify for the HCV program, a household’s income must be below 50% of the median income for the metro or county area in which they reside within. If a family is in the position to receive a section 8 voucher, the head of the household needs to be an U.S. citizen or permanent residents, and the family should include an individual who is eighteen years old or more. The Housing Choice Vouchers program is only accessible to households comprising members who are non-U.S citizen or legally resident. Furthermore, the leader of the household is not required to be convicted of any of any of the following felonies: sexual offense or violence, production or distribution of a controlled substance, or trafficking. If the leader of the household turns out to be a victim of any of these felonies, they are not eligible to receive Section 8 assistance.

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