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Don’t know where to start or where to begin? This YouTube video will teach you the easiest ways to care for your flowering plants that are sure to brighten the garden.

Catmint is a perennial plant which is immune to wildlife damages due to its minty scent. The flowers are beautiful and lavender in color. It is a magnet for bees, and grows even in dry or hot environments. May Night Salvia looks similar to the Catmint however it has a deeper blue-purple flower and the capacity to change with an assortment of colours. These flowers can perform in rougher environments and is extremely sought-after for hot and dry environments.

Moonshine Yarrow is another extremely adaptable plant, that thrives at any level of moisture. It is a soft mound of a green before it begins to sprout yellow flower clusters in late June. A different perennial is Red Valerian blooms from June through the summer. The plant attracts butterflies with the attractive and smooth leaves. Day Lillies, the final easy to grow plant, is also quite simple. These plants can be grown throughout the year, but they’re beautiful and bloom once.

For more information on choosing the right flowers for the garden, hear and go through this short video!


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